Procedures and Pricing


$500-$700 (depending on the desired effect)
This procedure is beneficial for those who wish to add more fullness or to create a natural looking eyebrow. Since the final application is waterproof, those having this procedure are free to go swimming, exercise, and not worry throughout the day about their eyebrows wiping off. Advanced microblading techniques create a natural hair like appearance. Together we choose the color, design and method that will best enhance your features. Eyebrow permanent cosmetic techniques include microblading, also known as micro-stroke eyebrows, embroidery eyebrows, 3-D eyebrows, powder fill eyebrows, hair-stroke eyebrows and micropigmentation.


$300 lower, $400 upper
You can choose a soft, natural looking enhancement or a thicker line for a more dramatic look. Most clients prefer a softer line within the lower lashes and a bit fuller on the top. You can always choose to add your own eyeliner on top of an enhancement for a more dramatic look. Eyeliner permanent cosmetic techniques include permanent makeup, cosmetic eyeliner tattooing and micropigmentation.

*Opthalmologists have recommended this procedure to those with makeup allergies.  This procedure is great for women who have stopped using eyeliner due to visual or physical limitations.



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Please choose your permanent cosmetic practitioner carefully by considering the following:


  • professional training, certifications, licensing
  • view examples of the the practitioner’s work
  • hygienic work environment
  • knowledge of color theory
  • attends education courses and training programs regularly


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