What is Microblading?

Microblading is the latest trend in creating the most natural looking hairstroke eyebrows. This technique is relatively new in the industry and is now being offered in the United States. See more before and after photos of microblading.

The technique of creating natural looking hairs is achieved by etching fine lines into the eyebrow area using a hand tool.
Microblading is also called Microstroking and embroidery 3-D eyebrows and are the most natural looking eyebrows offered.

The eyebrows can be etched lightly where the individual brow hairs will eventually slough off in about a year. However, most of my clients want their eyebrows to last longer so I combine some traditional techniques with the microblade technique to get a longer lasting yet natural looking result.

The length of the appointment and healing time are the same as traditional methods.

“I was trained to do this technique by the internationally acclaimed Branko Babic, the founder of PHI Brows Academy. I am excited and honored to be the first person in Virginia to be certified by Branko and the PHI Brows academy. The training was a three-month program and the wealth of knowledge I gained was immeasurable.”

If you choose to have your eyebrows enhanced…it can be our secret…no one will know.

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